Applying to Haybridge

Applying to Haybridge High School

We have one intake to the Lower School into Year 7 at age 11. To apply to transfer from primary to secondary school for Year 7 entry in 2017-18, you must apply through the nationally coordinated scheme. Applications for this transfer closed on 31 October 2016, but if you wish to make a late application you should contact your own Local Authority for advice. If you live in Worcestershire, you can download a high school late application form (SA1 form) from the link on this page. You should return this SA1 late application form to Worcestershire School Admissions at the address on the form. All places for Year 7 2017-18 are now full but after you have applied, you can ask us to place your child on the waiting list.

To apply for an in-year transfer from another school into Haybridge in Years 7-11 please first contact the Admissions Officer at Haybridge for more information and guidance. We accept applications for in-year transfer into existing year groups but the school is generally full and we may have to place your child on a waiting list. You can ask our Admissions Officer to send you an in-year transfer application form (CA1 form), or you can download the form from the Worcestershire County Council website via the link on this page. You should return the CA1 form for in-year transfer directly to Haybridge, not to the Local Authority.

To apply for transfer from Year 11 into our Sixth Form in 2017-18, please visit our Sixth Form page on this website for more information and speak to the Sixth Form Admissions team.

Please read the relevant Admissions Policy below before contacting the school. You can view or download our Admissions Policy for Years 7-11 at the bottom of this page.

Come and See Us

Admissions Documents

Please make sure you have read the relevant Admissions Policies thoroughly before submitting an application.

If, having read our Admissions Policy, you would like further advice or guidance on admission, please telephone the school on 01562 886213 and ask to speak to the Admissions Officer.

Catchment Area

Please use our catchment area map to check your address (a larger version is available to view in school). Alternatively, Worcestershire schools admissions service has a postcode finder you can use to see the schools whose catchment you live in.

Important Notice: The Governing Body of Haybridge has no plans to change our catchment area. The Governors recognise that Haybridge’s purpose is primarily to provide education for children living in our catchment area. As there is substantial new house building locally, after very careful consideration and planning, Governors have decided to raise the number of children who can be admitted into Year 7 from 2016 onwards, from 168 to 190 children. This is being done to help protect families in our catchment area and to assist children to progress to Haybridge from our feeder schools.

So that this increase can be carefully managed in a planned and gradual way, we are not increasing numbers in existing year groups.