School Curriculum

Curriculum at Haybridge

Our curriculum aims to allow students to engage with valued forms of knowledge whilst equipping them for life in its broadest sense. We want to enable our students to reach standards of attainment comparable with the best performing jurisdictions in the world and provide opportunity for all students to develop an understanding of our shared culture and their place in it whilst equipping themselves fully with the knowledge which will empower them to engage with the local, national and global community. Therefore, our curriculum:

  • is academically challenging and supports students’ progress through promoting knowledge-rich learning, and reading and literacy;
  • is sequenced and progressive and responsive to the needs of our students;
  • is broad and balanced and ambitious for all students, regardless of prior attainment;
  • develops students’ cultural capital;
  • promotes personal responsibility and students’ contribution to the wider community.

Our courses in Years 7 to 11 comply with the requirements of the National Curriculum. The curriculum is reviewed each year.