Information for Students

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Student Facilities

We believe that our facilities offer our you a wealth of opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Our campus-style design allows for specialist teaching areas and all of our classrooms are modern and well-resourced. We are constantly updating our ICT facilities, which include in excess of 700 networked computers and netbooks, 10 designated computer suites and areas, together with a significant number of interactive whiteboards in teaching classrooms.

We have a state-of-the-art student Learning Resource Centre and ICT suite open to you outside normal school hours. Our sports facilities include a well-equipped fitness suite, squash courts and two large sports halls. We have excellent music and drama spaces and you are able to develop high quality performance in both areas. We have a full range of extra-curricular activities and a lively and active House system to encourage participation beyond the classroom.

Ethos and Code

Our school exists for us! We all want to have a memorable experience of school to ensure that we are equipped for a successful future. To achieve your potential get involved and play your role in the school to the best of your ability. Always remember: make the most of every opportunity.

Every member of our school has the right to be respected by others. Your responsibilities are to:

  • Listen to and respect everyone’s ideas and opinions.
  • Be aware of what effects your actions have on others.
  • Try understanding the other person’s point of view and treat everyone as you would like to be treated – in a friendly, caring, thoughtful and good-humoured way.
  • Always speak up if you are being bullied or you see bullying happening – always tell either a parent/carer or a teacher or friends, or maybe all! Bullying is a serious matter and needs to be STOPPED!

Every student in our school has the right to learn and to achieve to their own full potential. Your responsibilities are to:

  • Work to the best of your ability in every lesson and also help other students to do the same.
  • Help your teacher to teach by listening and paying attention and follow agreed classroom procedures that each teacher sets.
  • Be enthusiastic and punctual in all you do and attend school regularly. Organise yourself every day to meet all agreed deadlines for homework and coursework.
  • Get involved in the life of the school by being enthusiastic and joining clubs and making new friends and loads more.
  • In lessons, remember how important and crucial it is to arrive at lessons on time and to be prepared to work with all the equipment and materials you will need in that lesson. Listen carefully when a teacher or other student is speaking and look for opportunities to make a useful comment or contribution to every lesson. It is also important that the work that you produce always reflects your best effort and enthusiasm.

Every member of the school has the right to work in a clean and safe environment. Your responsibilities are to:

  • Look after the building and everything inside it.
  • Respect other people’s property and also care for your own possessions.
  • Avoid leaving any litter; always wait to find a bin.
  • In moving around the school, remember there are many other people on the site. Be ready to open doors, stand back to let other people pass and help others when you can.