A Decade of Excellence

Haybridge High School is the 5th school to be successfully accredited with the prestigious NACE Challenge Award for the third time. The NACE Challenge Award is given for high quality work by the whole school, teachers and governors, in challenging all pupils, including those with high abilities, to achieve their best.

NACE Chief Executive Rowena Gaston said: “Since 2006, Haybridge High School, Hagley, Worcestershire, has been developing high quality provision as a NACE Challenge Awarded school for its able pupils, alongside a whole-school commitment to curriculum design and teaching strategies, enabling all children to flourish and achieve to the best of their ability, with many children reaching high levels of attainment. High expectation and personal support over the past years has led to pupils believing in their ability to succeed. Achieving the NACE Challenge Award is a long term commitment to providing challenge in all aspects of school life and Haybridge High School has continued to work hard to achieve this over the last 9 years having tremendously positive outcomes for pupils.”

The Award is given by NACE: the National Association for Able Children in Education, a leading national education organisation and registered charity established for over 30 years. The Association exists to help the daily work of teachers providing for pupils with high abilities whilst enabling all pupils to flourish. It provides advice, training and resources for teachers, including the NACE Challenge Award Self-Evaluation Framework which Haybridge High School has continually used to audit and plan what it provides for more able, gifted and talented pupils. Many thousands of primary and secondary schools are using the NACE Challenge Award Framework to develop their work.

Assessors, who spent a day in the school, were impressed by strong leadership and management of provision which keeps the needs of more able learners at the forefront of the school’s work and the good support and challenge provided by the Governors. Haybridge High School shows itself to be committed to developing a school where all pupils are challenged to be the best they can be. The more able and talented children are challenged and this helps the other learners to see what can be achieved.

Assessors judged the quality of the school’s work by observing lessons, interviewing the pupils, teachers, parents and governors and by looking at the pupils’ work. The initial Award is given when schools demonstrate that they meet the criteria of the Award, and schools are then re-accredited every four years if they continue to be committed to ensuring high-quality provision for more able, gifted and talented pupils. Haybridge High School takes the lead in many areas of professional development in regional school networks – NACE looks forward to continuing to work with Haybridge High School to spread the good word about how best to challenge those many children who will thrive on it.