Charity Focus

Haybridge students have voted for the 3 main charities for whom we will be fundraising in 2017/18. Over 400 students took part in an online vote for a local, national and global charity to receive shares of the funds we will generate through a range of activities and events this academic year.

The local charity is the Midlands Air Ambulance, the national charity is the NSPCC and the global charity is the International Red Cross/Red Crescent. We look forward to updating you with work done to support these charities in terms of financial support but also in terms of learning together about what exactly each organisation does, the ways in which our community can help them, and also how they can support learning within school.

Our students continue to raise donations of rice to the World Food Programme by taking part in the brilliant ‘Free Rice’ online quizzes. To date we have generated 5 million grains of rice by correctly answering 500,000 quiz questions. A great way to harness brain power for the good of others! Why not check it out for yourself:

Young people taking positions of responsibility:

Planning is now under way, with our students, for the best deployment of our new Community Ambassadors, Anti Bullying Ambassadors, Student Officer Team and Executive Student Council. These students have put themselves forward to contribute to the school and wider community and we greatly appreciate their commitment and enthusiasm.