Student Wellbeing Survey

As a school we strive to be as well-informed about our students’ needs and experiences as we can. To this end we have spent a considerable amount of time this year consulting with students on a range of topics by means of online surveys.

Firstly, we have been conducting an extensive ‘Student Wellbeing Survey’ which has had a fantastic response – almost 800 responses at the time of writing. Our ‘Social Media Usage Survey’ has had 400 responses from students across the year groups and provided us with over 50 pages of student-eye-level insights and experiences of their lives online – the positive and the negative. We are listening carefully to what we are being told by both surveys in order to plan how best to advise and support our young people – and how to take the great advice they themselves are offering to us.

Sixth Form students who took part in the annual ‘Lessons from Auschwitz’ educational programme, including a one day visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau in March returned deeply impressed and moved by their experiences and are full of ideas on how to work with their peers to share their insights.

This academic year we have substantially increased the number of students going to Parliament for guided tours and interactive workshops with the Parliamentary Education Service. By the end of May over 100 students will have spent the day in Westminster getting acquainted with the work of MPs, debates and law-making. The better informed they are the better able to be active citizens