“Man Up”: Understanding Social Influences on Boys and Young Men

Date:  26th January 2018   –  12.00 – 3.00pm


Boys and young men are bombarded with messages about how to ‘Be A Man’ and these messages are not always conducive to their healthy, respectful and emotionally fulfilling development or to that of their female peers.

There is abundant evidence that boys are under pressure to ‘perform’ socially in ways that can impact negatively upon their wellbeing, learning and future relationships. It’s vital we create space for boys & young men to critically reflect on influences that are shaping their beliefs and behaviours in order to promote their resilience and flexibility in navigating life respectfully within and beyond school/college.

At the same time there is growing recognition that sexism has been a neglected issue in UK schools (see two key reports from DfE Dec 2017 and the NEU, also Dec 2017 and schools need to respond imaginatively to these challenges.

Please join us for this important and timely conversation. You will take away a network of contacts, a wide range of useful resources and some key concepts for organising thoughts and programmes within your settings.

Course Leader: Michael Conroy Harris

Michael has worked in Secondary Education for 13 years (Community Projects Coordinator, Haybridge High School & Sixth Form and Collaboration Coordinator for The ContinU Trust). In 2015 he trained with A Call To Men UK (see www.acalltomenuk.org.uk ) to deliver their ’FreeUP—Living Respectfully’ programme. He recorded a TEDx Youth Talk in October 2017 and in December 2017 was an expert contributor to the Women & Equalities Select Committee in Parliament on the topic of Sexual Harassment.



Includes lunch &


Target Audience

The target audience is all those with an interest in and responsibility for the positive development of boys and young men. e.g. Pastoral leaders, Heads of Year, Heads of House and Safeguarding leads.


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