Visiting Haybridge

Thank you for your interest about our Sixth Form Open Evening; we are delighted that you are thinking of applying to Haybridge Sixth Form. Our Open Evening for prospective Year 12 students is Thursday 14 October 2021. We will keep our website regularly updated so please check for further information. We are hoping that we are able to go ahead with a live event this year, all students who are interested in Haybridge Sixth Form are warmly welcomed to visit the school on this evening to find out more about us. If we cannot hold a live event, we will certainly offer a “virtual” alternative online as we did last year.

Come and See Us

Admissions Policies

Please make sure you have read the relevant Admissions Policies thoroughly before submitting an application.

Transport Information

Area Transport
Bearwood 736 Bus from Bearwood, via Quinton and Halesowen
Bewdley 292 or 192 Bus from Bewdley via Kidderminster to HCHS
Blakedown Train from Blakedown station
Birmingham 192 Bus from Gt Charles Street, via Colmore Row, 5 Ways, Bearwood, Quinton, Shenstone, Halesowen, Stourbridge to Hagley. Trains from Snow Hill, Moor Street or New Street to Hagley
Bromsgrove 318 Bus from Bromsgrove via Belbroughton, Clent to Hagley
Cleobury Mortimer 292 Bus from Ludlow via Bewdley and Kidderminster to HCHS
Halesowen 192 Bus via Haley Green to Hagley
Kidderminster Train from Kidderminster Station or 192 Bus from Kidderminster to Hagley
Kingswinford 256/257/259 Bus from Kingswinford to Stourbridge Town, Shuttle to Stourbridge Junction then train to Hagley Station
Kinver 227 or 228 Bus from Kinver via Wollaston to Stourbridge, then train from Stourbridge Station
Ludlow 292 Bus from Ludlow via Bewdley and Kidderminster to HCHS
Lye Train from Lye Station to Hagley or 276 bus
Quarry Bank Train from Lye Station to Hagley or 276 bus from Merry Hill
Romsley School Bus available – Parents ring Worcester County Council on 01905 763763 and ask for Transport
Stourbridge Train from Stourbridge Station or 318 Bus from Stourbridge Town to Hagley
Wollaston 227 or 228 Bus from Wollaston to Stourbridge then train from Stourbridge Station
Wolverhampton 256 from Wolverhampton, via Kingswinford to Stourbridge and train from Stourbridge Station to Hagley