Succession Planning

Succession Planning at Haybridge

Haybridge High School is committed to managing talent to bring through the next generation of leaders for all schools. Research demonstrates that the world’s highest performing education systems and companies effectively succession plan by having systematic talent management at their core. The evidence in education shows that where talent management is well established across schools it both drives school improvement and attracts and retains the highest performing teachers.

We offer the NPQML and NPQSL courses, in conjunction with Edge Hill University, South Bromsgrove High School and Stourport High School.

A recent survey of our participants who have completed the NPQ programmes shows 68% of middle leaders and 87% of senior leaders have already gained promotion.

Our face-to-face sessions are delivered by a team of some of the best in-post local school leaders who can relate national developments to the local level.

The most up-to-date research and publications that affect your schools and your day-to-day leadership are written in to the programme and you can access many of them on the VLE you access during the programme. To support to successful completion of this nationally recognised programme, Edge Hill University offers face-to-face tutorials, emails and telephone support when you begin to write up your school based projects.

Please download the information leaflets and contact us for more details.